Another strange difficulty with Runtime

SmallBASIC implementations: 

I finally get Paint Balls version working beautifully in SmallBASIC a version fancier than my NaaLaa and sdlBasic versions BUT when I try it with Runtime it doesn't work.

I put all my text (help/menu) on a separate "screen" so to speak, and run all the graphics in a cleared screen for just drawing. I show the help screen first and then wait for a keypress to clear and start the graphics. Except when I click the mouse on the cleared graphics the whole program shuts down????

Here is code, it is fun using in IDE!

Reoccuring Squares

SmallBASIC implementations: 
Recursive subs not so hard, here is eye candy I dreamed up back in late 70's. I did it before with quick basic but not with recursive calls which makes things easier, I hope it's not too long:

'reoccuring squares SmallBASIC translation from
rem reoccuring squares NaaLaa started 2015-05-14 MGA/B+
sub sqPlus4(x,y,side,colorNumber)
local cc,cx,cy,ns,nc

Translating Naalaa Tree2 to SmallBasic

SmallBASIC implementations: 
I am getting stack overflow at last line of program over and over...
Is it because SmallBasic can not handle all the recursive calls or have I made the typical stupid blunder?

'tree2.bas SmallBASIC 2015-05-13 translated from
rem tree2.txt Naalaa 2015-05-12 B+
rem code inspired by tree found on Naalaa by Peter

randomize timer
rect 0,0,xmx,ymx,15



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