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Small Basic Help

SmallBASIC implementations: 

I need some help for small basic. Here is the code I have so far for a Air Hockey game:

GraphicsWindow.Title = "Air Hockey V 0.1.0 Alpha"
GraphicsWindow.Height = 450
GraphicsWindow.Width = 700
GraphicsWindow.BackgroundColor = "Gray"
GraphicsWindow.MouseMove = MoveShape
HockeyPuck1X = GraphicsWindow.MouseX - 22
HockeyPuck1Y = GraphicsWindow.MouseY - 20
PuckX = 332
PuckY = 208
PuckDir = 0

' Copywright 2014 by Brandon Pyle
' All rights reserved
' Air Hockey Version 0.1.0 Alpha

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The NUM command

SmallBASIC implementations: 

I can't get the command to work ... Can someone give me an example? -- Steve

NUM [initial-line [, increment]] [Command]
The NUM command sets the values for the autonumbering. If the ’initial-line’ and
’increment’ are not specified, the line numbers start at 10 and increase in increments
of 10.

FLTK version release history

SmallBASIC implementations: 

0.11.16 Thursday, 2/10/2014

  • Release for 32 bit linux. This release includes language and performance improvements. See release notes page.

0.11.11 Sat, 26/07/2014

  • Release for 64 bit linux. This is mostly the same as the Windows version.

0.11.5 Sun, 20/04/2014


SmallBASIC implementations: 

Hello all ,

I just started with this small basic.
Sorry that I must say this but small basic is a slow starter and also a slow performer.

I am working on a :

fujitsi siemens, esprimo E, x86 based pc X86-based PC , with 4 GB mem
1 Processor(s) Installed.
[01]: x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1 GenuineIntel ~2793 Mhz
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600

I even dare to say that my old pc running windows 3.1 with qbasic 4.5 performs better.

Any comments of what or why are appreciated.

doform, button, and some

SmallBASIC implementations: 

[windows (7), 0.10.7]


this does not work, gives "UI: FORM NOT READY":
button 0,0,-1,-1,btn,"btn"

and this fills all button variables, no matter which button has been pressed:
button 0,0,-1,-1,btn1,"btn1"
button 0,0,-1,-1,btn2,"btn2"

this has no effect on array variable:
a << 1
a(0) += 1


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