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SmallBASIC is a fast and easy to learn BASIC language interpreter ideal for everyday calculations, scripts and prototypes. SmallBASIC includes trigonometric, matrices and algebra functions, a built in IDE, a powerful string library, system, sound, and graphic commands along with structured programming syntax.

SmallBASIC version 0.12.0 has been released


The changes are:

Update PEN(3) to work more like FLTK
Fix LET when assigning a value to a MAP/ARRAY field
Fix display output before PEN
Fix BOLD and ITALIC font display
Fix TSAVE with try/catch
Added context menu edit keyword completion
Editor line number widget can be used for scrolling
Updated editor help display

The Windows, Linux and Android versions are now all the same.

Coming soon.. build for Raspberry PI.

SDL/Runtime version notes

SmallBASIC implementations: 

How to use better looking fonts in the Windows version

1. Envy font

- Download http://download.damieng.com/fonts/original/EnvyCodeR-PR7.zip

- Unzip and copy "Envy Code R.ttf" and "Envy Code R Bold.ttf"
into the same folder as sbasicg.exe.

2. Adobe Source Code Pro

- Download http://dl.1001fonts.com/source-code-pro.zip

First Factors MGA.bas

Title: First Factors

Category: Mathematics
Copyright: MGA
Created: 10/19/14
GIST: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/3d14881f261cb5be0d3b

'First Factors MGA.BAS 10/19/14
'modified 10/24/14 with screen displays improvement a neat general code tip!
' for email to SmallBASIC crew


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